A.I. powered Operations Management software for optimized planning solutions in real-time

Artificial Intelligence for Your Operations Management

Optimal planning has always been essential for successful industrial production. And impossible. Because industrial planning is subject to so many restrictions and dependencies that it is too complex to be solved by human intelligence alone.

OMMM relies on artificial intelligence to achieve the previously impossible: We give planners real control over industrial production planning.

Production Planning
Demand Planning
Inventory Planning
Sales Planning

The Planning Suite

OMMM offers four planning modules that can be used independently or interconnected to address every planning challenge.

Seamless IT Integration

OMMM can be implemented as cloud or on-premise solution. Independent of the existing ERP system, OMMM fits effortlessly into the existing IT infrastructure without claiming a data leading role.

In addition, OMMM is a certified SAP solution and enables seamless migration through SAP R/3 and  SAP 4/HANA readiness.

SAP S/4HANA Zertifikat

Reduced Set-Up and Cleaning Cost
Reduced Wastage and Destruction Costs
Reduced Planning Time

* expected savings potential, based on average OMMM project results

The Effect Is Measurable

Implementing OMMM planning solutions results in significant savings potential. And you can measure that.

The Challenge:

Industrial production planning is so complex that it becomes an unsolvable task for human intelligence.

Technical, personnel, legal, scheduling and capacity restrictions turn industrial planning into a task of inhuman complexity.
The planner has to navigate a giant labyrinth, which is constantly changing, turning a plan into a temporary truth.
To find an optimal solution in this context, adhering to all relevant restrictions, choosing from hundreds of thousands of possible scenarios is a hopeless endeavor for the human processing capacity.

for All

Innovative and digitalized into a transparent future: We structure your planning complexity and create added value – for both the strategic and operational dimension of your supply chain.

The automated and systematic consideration of all restrictions enables you to make faster decisions based on optimal planning solutions. You can analyze the effects of disruptions or bottlenecks in a matter of seconds and have the system generate automatically a new and optimized production plan.

Based on daily forecasts and desired service levels, "correct" inventory levels can be determined for which a feasible medium-term plan, as well as feasible lot size and production sequence plans can be created automatically. This gives you unprecedented transparency for your entire supply chain.

A software add-on which integrates seamlessly: the ERP system you already have in place remains data-leading and the OMMM software solution can be easily integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. As cloud or on-premise solution.

We offer you a risk-free investment into your company: An average return on investment in under twelve months and a more cost-efficient supply chain.

The OMMM demand planner provides precise forecasts, resulting in an excellent base for medium-term planning. The use of reliable ACTUAL data allows to have perfect overview of the on-time delivery status of all customer orders in real-time.

Our daily forecasts and excellent medium-term planning help you to improve contract negotiations and to reduce write-offs on raw materials.

Our excellent medium-term planning and the creation of optimized production schedules enable you to better control truck routing and, as a result, the necessary personnel planning.

The ommm algorithm is based on 25 years of cutting-edge research and more than 10,000 developer days and provides planners with full control over the planning process.

For the first time.

„There is no alternative to supply chain digitalization and planning is the pulse of our supply chain. By choosing OMMM's planning solutions, we leverage a seven-figure cost savings potential every year and have achieved an ROI within the first year of using the software.“
Norbert Weichele,
as CEO Zentis GmbH & Co. KG
„A feasible production plan - with the help of A.I. and at the push of a button. Intelligent automation has completely changed our daily planning routine - complete planning transparency enables proactive communication, as well as more efficient cooperation with the other departments. The working atmosphere has changed absolutely for the better. I would not have thought it possible before.“
Dennis Mahlstedt,
as Head of Production Planning Zentis GmbH & Co. KG

for Your Company

OMMM is the fastest way to intelligently digitalize your planning. For more information, please let us know your contact request.

Martin Moog
Managing Director